Moai Gray Integrated LED Metal Bollard Light


Moai can be used for commercial projects as well as residential. Its creativity lies not so much in the choice of material, but rather in the form that Gonzalo Mil gives it and how the light plays with and penetrates that form. From behind, the lamp seems straight and hard, while the front lines are softened. Moai comes with a dimmable LED source that projects light downward. An optical lens has been added to the LED, which works as a magnifying glass, generating, in turn, a laterally projecting cone of light. And there is the interesting surprise: all of Moais concavity appears illuminated without leaving any corner in the dark. The external bollards illuminate the ground or itself but without playing with the shape, explains Gonzalo.

What’s Included?

  • Built-in LED Light(s)


  • Designed by Gonzalo Mila in 2017.
  • 2 anchoring options: 1. Anchoring to the ground (screws and anchors not included), 2. anchoring for foundation (fastener accessories not included).
  • IP66 rated.