Bracciano Surface-Mount LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet with Defogger


Elegantly subtle but infinitely stylish, the exquisitely-designed Billmyre range of medicine cabinets is the perfect addition to any modern home. Much more than simply a storage space that looks great, they make your morning routine smoother. Each cabinet features powerful defoggers and gentle but effective LED lighting so you enjoy crisp, precise reflections all day and night, whatever the temperature or humidity. An easy-to-read multifunction display and touch buttons keep you informed and in command at every moment. Billmyre cabinets come in single and double door versions, making them versatile enough for both a master and a guest bathroom.

What’s Included?

  • Lighting Included


  • Integrated LED light
  • Copper-free mirror
  • Surface wall mount installation
  • Integrated digital clock & Bluetooth speaker
  • Single door design w/ soft-close hinges
  • Touch screen buttons