Coppercloud Hybrid Infused 10″ Medium Mattress


Transform your sleep with the CopperCloud Hybrid Mattress. Infused with copper, this mattress actively pulls excess heat away from your body, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable sleep. Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce acne, minor skin and joint inflammation, and promotes healthy cell growth and circulation, giving you a healthier sleep experience. The Mattress is also designed to provide orthopedic support with our high-density plant-based GladiatorCore firm support foam layer that cradles the curves of your body and helps align the spine. It is available in three different comfort levels: medium firm, medium, and medium soft, to find the perfect feel for your unique sleep style. And it’s all with no harmful chemicals or fiberglass. Upgrade your sleep with the CopperCloud Hybrid Mattress and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


  • GENERAL NOTE: Just unbox your mattress and watch it expand. You can accelerate the process by walking, jumping, or sleeping on your mattress.
  • THERMODYNAMIC COPPER: A copper infusion of 2% by weight provides extraordinary cooling along with far-reaching skin and health benefit potential due to copper’s enhanced hygienic and anti-allergen characteristics.
  • COOL & BREATHABLE: Stacked cooling from gel memory foam and thermodynamic copper, open-cell foam technology for enhanced air circulation, and highly breathable support cores combine to keep your body cool and comfortable.
  • EXPERIENCE CLOUD-LIKE COMFORT: Pressure-relieving gel memory foam conforms and contours to your head, neck and shoulders keeping your weight evenly distributed.