Arlean Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress


The mattress provides a good sleeping surface. Compared with traditional mattresses, this mattress increases comfort of the mattress. At normal temperatures, it is a bit hard, but when you lie down, it will start to react to your body temperature and begin to shape itself into your shape. Then, the weight is evenly distributed on the surface, thereby reducing pressure points and helping you increase more sleep time without tossing and turning. The compresses evenly under the unique weight and shape of the body conform to the curve and reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips. The high-quality is infused with advanced gel material, which can trap and dissipate heat to make the sleeping temperature more comfortable. The mattress top is designed with ventilation, which can improve breathability and refresh you.


  • Deep contour-comfortable material makes the hand feel more even and balances with the support system, which is very effective for maintaining weight balance. Press in it with your fingers, and you can see that your handprint is left for a few seconds, and then the material returns to its original shape.
  • The modern boxed mattress packaging allows you to easily carry it to the bedroom. The boxed mattress can be fully expanded within 48-72 hours and is specially designed for platform beds and casters.