Zencloud Hybrid Infused 12″ Medium-Soft Mattress


REDEFINING THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. Upgrade your current beds with the world’s first high-performance mattresses designed to promote health benefits beyond the mechanics of simple physical comfort. At Ergo-Pedic Sleep, we’ve developed our mattresses to be the ultimate marriage of science-based health-promoting remedies and deliciously balanced sleep comfort. Infused with calming hemp extract and cooling copper, the ZenCloud Hybrid Mattress will have you dreaming in no time.


  • GENERAL NOTE: Just unbox your mattress and watch it expand. You can accelerate the process by walking, jumping, or sleeping on your mattress.
  • ACTIVE CALMING, PAIN RELIEF, STRESS-REDUCTION: Unique CDB Hemp-Extract infused gel memory foam provides calming relief from anxiety, joint pain, and skin inflammation.
  • THERMODYNAMIC COPPER: A copper infusion of 2% by weight provides extraordinary cooling along with far-reaching skin and health benefit potential due to copper’s enhanced hygienic and anti-allergen characteristics.
  • EXPERIENCE CLOUD-LIKE COMFORT: Pressure-relieving gel memory foam conforms and contours to your head, neck and shoulders keeping your weight evenly distributed.