HMS Endeavour Open Hull Ship

Original price was: $1,530.25.Current price is: $788.51.

This is an exclusive edition of the HMS Endeavour, where the model is uniquely identified by a laser cut hull serial number. To recapture the beauty of the real ship into the model, manufacturers have used the most exotic wood that is available, the highest quality brass fittings that we can cast, and more than 200 hours to put together this magnificent model. Examples of wood used include rosewood, western red cedar, and mahogany. These materials are transformed into art pieces by the skillful hand of the master craftsmen. If you look closer, you can see an evenly smooth surface of the wood on the hull. It was done more beautifully than most pieces of fine furniture. Looking through the open hull, you can see furniture, painted servicemen, drums, staircases, doors which are all finished in great detail. The art of woodworking is quite impressive on the hull & decks. Other magnificent details include metal sculptures, brass cannons and anchors, wooden lifeboats, and skylight… The model comes with its original British Royal Navy flag and rests on a steady wooden base with an attached metal nameplate.