Handmade Solid Wood Wall Decor


Moss wall art is no ordinary art. It’s beautiful, yet relaxing. It’s stunning, yet reserved. It’s natural, yet otherworldly. We wanted to transport that beauty, that feeling of being in nature into the interior world. This piece is constructed using only real, preserved moss and ferns. The plants maintain their vibrant color, but require zero care! This means that there’s no watering, no replacing, no extra costs, and no stress! Our handmade frames are charred using a traditional Japanese technique called, “Shou-sugi-ban.” This technique not only lends the wood a brilliant color, but it fortifies the wood against fire, insects, and time. We finish it off by applying a preserving oil, creating a high-quality and durable frame. Our moss wall art strives to bring the rich beauty of nature indoors through its vibrant green hues, its rolling hills of moss, and its variety of textures and shapes. Our moss art is like a piece of the forest floor, nestled in your space. Enjoy the soothing aesthetic of our artwork in your home or office, and bring the beauty of nature indoors!


  • No water, no care needed!
  • Three-dimensional texture with depth
  • Calming
  • Variety of green shades
  • Suitable for every décor