Granita 30” W 20” H Surface Mount Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and 2 Adjustable Shelves


The product is uniquely fashionable with its innovative left side sliding mirror with soft close hardware is a new paradigm in bathroom design, gliding gracefully at the touch of a finger. Presenting a vibrant mix of state-of-the-art function and crisp, sleek styling, is truly a modern classic that distinguishes any room. But this is not just a beauty contest, and this functional medicine cabinet incorporates conveniences like a built-in electrical outlet. Defogger, and LED light to provide true ambient luxury. Appealing design with strength and durability

What’s Included?

  • 2 Shelves Included
  • Lighting Included
  • Electrical Outlet Included


  • Allowing access to the entire medicine cabinet.
  • Provides 50,000 hours of functional light & inviting ambiance.
  • Built-in electric ​for your convenience