Braegha Dining Cabinet

Original price was: $3,199.99.Current price is: $2,599.99.

Real material, strong and durable, multi-zone storage,stable support, safe load-bearing


  • 【Beautiful and practical】:Beautiful and dust-proof,Can meet the daily storage needs make the design more exquisite, reflect the quality of life.
  • 【Super load-bearing base】: strong and durable base, stable load-bearing, protect the ground, durable
  • 【Eco-friendly paint】:health first, no odor, natural beauty, and durable
  • 【Rounded corner design】:Rounded design to prevent bumping, safety first,the overall style retro exquisite atmosphereSmooth and polished, care for family safety
  • 【 Scrubbing resistance 】 : The surface of the paint film is not stained with water and oil, such as a small amount of dirt, simple wipe can be removed, the surface is delicate, easy to scrub.