Antoinet 36” W 32” H Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Mirror and 3 Adjustable Shelves


The bathroom medicine cabinet provides even and optimal bright lighting while you groom, pluck, shave, brush your teeth, or apply makeup. With 3 adjustable shelves, you can store more items and say goodbye to a cluttered bathroom. There is an open space below for your usual items. Compared with the ordinary medicine cabinet, our medicine cabinet has more functions. This medicine cabinet is an ideal item for organizing and decorating your home.

What’s Included?

  • 3 Shelves Included
  • Lighting Included
  • Electrical Outlet Included


  • Press the defogging switch and quickly heat to provide a clear and mist-free mirror
  • LED lights with adjustable color temperature and brightness(3000k-4500k-6000k).
  • Structured with aluminum material for Waterproof and rustproof extended durability and high quality
  • Adjustable glass shelves effectively enlarge the storage space
  • Top built-in 1 socket, support less than 200W electrical appliances. Curlers and hair dryers, shavers, etc. are available for immediate and easy use