78.7” Kitchen Pantry


[High appearance level kitchen pantry] : Green and environmental protection, durable and long lasting, comfortable and appearance level of quality combined, while ensuring quality, but also practical and appearance level.


  • [Large capacity storage space] : large capacity storage space, so that storage more worry, always keep the cabinet clean and tidy.
  • [Transparent tempered glass] : transparent glass design, intuitive storage, dustproof and easy to take care of, at a glance.
  • [Hardware door hinge] : high-quality hardware door hinge, smooth opening and closing, durable and not easy to rust.
  • [Large countertop] : Large cabinet surface, can be readily placed fruit plate, microwave oven and other items.
  • [Carving tracing] : The carving is exquisitely carved, depicting the carving lifelike, smooth and glossy, improving the level of carving, three-dimensional moving.